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Chem-Phys Renewal & Modernization

Project Schedule: January 2018 - June 2022
Renovations in the Chemistry-Physics Building will provide centralized state-of-the-art laboratories, accompanying offices, and collaboration spaces on the third floor. The project includes the creation of modern wet-bench research labs and computational spaces, replacement of the building exterior, stair tower, freight elevator, and roof; construction of a new loading dock and entrance additions; and mechanical upgrades in the penthouse. This is a multi-phase project. The first phase included relocating staff from the third floor to other areas within Chem Physics or to Blazer Dining and an early abatement and demolition package that included 3rd floor and stair tower demolition. Additional phases in the project that include South Atrium Addition, Third Floor Skin Replacement, Third Floor Renovation, Service Elevator Addition, Egress Stair Addition, North Entrance Addition, First and Second Floor Skin Replacement, and Loading Dock Addition. All project phases are currently scheduled to be complete by June 2022. For more information regarding this project visit the UKnow article here

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