Construction Projects

Student Center Renovation & Expansion

Project Schedule: Summer 2015 - 2018
A selective renovation and expansion of the Student Center and Alumni Gym. The new facility is expected to be 370,000 square feet including an atrium, recreation area, lounges, conference facilities, entertainment venues, retail space, food service, bookstore, student organization space and administrative support offices. Temporary dining facilities and a bookstore have been constructed to serve the community until construction is complete. To stay informed and provide feedback, visit the "Student Center Renovation & Expansion" website. Questions and concerns may be directed to Rich Riedl at or 859-218-3117.

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Limestone Park I and II

Project Schedule: Through – Fall 2016
Boyd, Holmes, Jewell, and Keeneland Halls and also the Hamilton House were demolished to provide space for the $83.9 million investment of Limestone Park I and II. These new residence halls are a result of a partnership with EdR and will provide an additional 1,141 beds for UK students as well as 25 active learning rooms. Questions and concerns may be directed to David Collins at or 859-218-3169.

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Carol Martin Gatton College of Business and Economics

Project Schedule: Through - May 2016
The existing four story facility was originally built in 1963. In 1991, a three story classroom wing was added. The original building primarily houses office and administrative space while the 1991 addition houses nearly all the teaching/classroom space. The facility has been well maintained but as with most facilities of its age, some of the basic mechanical and electrical components have reached the end of their useful lives. Questions and concerns may be directed to David Collins at or 859-218-3169.

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Academic Science Building

Project Schedule: Through - Aug 2016
The current science building, the Chemistry-Physics building, was constructed in 1963, and is one of the largest and most heavily utilized buildings (2nd highest usage) on the UK campus. The facility serves all undergraduate students wherein they fulfill their basic science (both classrooms and laboratory) requirements. Undergraduate and graduate students spend a significant amount of time in the facility learning the areas of biology, chemistry and physics and conducting research. The new 263,000-square-foot Academic Science Building will be equipped with modern and technology-rich classroom and laboratory space. It is being constructed on the site where Donovan Residence Hall currently sits. Questions and concerns may be directed to Rich Riedl at or 859-218-3117.

Utility upgrades and construction of the new Academic Science Building will require portions of Washington Avenue and Rose Street to close for an extended period of time. Construction impact will begin in mid-June and extend through the 2014-2015 academic year with impacts concluding by Fall 2015.

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Football Training Facility and Practice Fields

Project Schedule: Through - August 2016
This project to construct a new two-store structure and two practice fields with an adjoining drill area will include administrative offices, locker spaces, team meeting areas, training areas, high performance and weight room spaces, equipment rooms, a hydrotherapy room, player locker rooms, lounge facilities, an academic lounge/study area, and an entrance lobby with enhanced visitor amenities. Any questions and concerns may be directed to Bob Williams at or 859-218-3120.

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